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How a business communicates with customers is important, from the phone greeting of a receptionist to the company president’s pitch in a television commercial.

Many businesses don’t place enough emphasis on visual communication. When it comes to product photography, they don’t realize lackluster photos are costing them sales. Your product photos should aspire to sell an experience.

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Let’s say you have a tent company, and the industry standard for product photography is an assembled tent on a white background. While this photo might work for experienced campers who know what they’re looking for, it comes up short for those who don’t have a tent and are thinking about purchasing one. New customers are a big part of the tent business since quality tents have a long lifespan. It wouldn’t be wise to neglect these customers.

A photo of the tent at sunset beside an evergreen lake, with a family sitting on driftwood by a fire and roasting marshmallows, sells an experience that is far more persuasive.

Lifestyle photography blends our vision of product photography and portrait photography. This style is perfect for a band in need of dynamic promotional photos. Posed photos can be interesting when they express an idea, but they are often static and fall short of artistic action shots that reveal raw emotion. We love how truthful lifestyle photography is.

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We gladly do portrait photography for businesses. We think putting a face with a name is a nice touch. It sends the message that the business values its employees. It also reminds us that companies, especially large corporations, are made up of human beings.

We think it’s neat when a business goes a step further with its portraits and takes the lifestyle photography approach. Photos of employees doing what they love away from work conveys an even stronger message.