Video Production

Based out of Des Moines, Iowa

 Tell Your Story

Video production is our passion. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Some videos are priceless.

With the right videographer, producer and director, you’ll be able to tell a story that makes your audience feel connected to you.

While written content and photography are essential to every website, these mediums have their limitations.

Written content explaining the dimensions and functions of a product is valuable information, so is a photograph of a product, but this info isn’t as powerful as seeing the product in action.

Let’s say you have a protective rain cover product for cameras. Telling your customers it is waterproof doesn’t send the same message as a video showing the product working effectively in the rain. A good video will build trust with your customers in a way other media can’t.

You can use video to communicate who you are. Showing how you give back to the community is more meaningful than saying it. This is the type of information that can give you an edge over your competitors. Keep in mind that if two products are comparable in quality and price, a person will look to other factors to decide which one to choose.

A single idea can be built into a powerful two-minute selling tool. For example, a corporate giant can use a video to squash its perception as an impersonal bully, emphasizing that it is made up of caring individuals just like you.

You’ve probably seen enough YouTube videos to realize not every videographer is created equal. The best videographers will also have producer and director on their resume.

Here’s a snapshot of the video production process we follow:

– Decide the purpose of a video and set goals for what you want it to accomplish.
– Brainstorm ideas, write an outline and draw up a storyboard.
– Handle the logistics of the shoot, including sites, props and actors.
– Shoot the video and edit it into a polished product.