About Canoe There 

What is a marketing outfitter?

Simply put: we do video production, commercial photography, web development, graphic design, and writing, working directly with businesses and through agencies.

Why “Canoe There”?

It’s a metaphor for our methods.

Canoeing is a beautiful way to travel. It requires more thought. It’s not about getting somewhere at breakneck speed, it’s about paddling with purpose so no stroke is wasted.

For us, it’s about taking a little more relaxed approach. Let’s find the right rhythm so we’re enjoying the process of media production. This doesn’t mean we won’t be working hard.

Much of life is the stuff that happens between vacations and celebrations. It’s spent planning, preparing, and working hard. You might say the majority of our lives are spent “in production.”

It’s our goal to enjoy the production process and share our culture with clients.

In a world that seems to be working for the weekend, let’s have a few more good Monday’s.

Canoe travel takes commitment, and we’re in it for the long haul. We’re looking to partner with good people and build long-term relationships.

So where do you want to go? We want to learn your goals so we can be the answer to the next question: How do we get there?

Who is Canoe There?

We’re a small production team from Des Moines, Iowa, led by our main navigators, Ryan Borts (producer/director) and Dave Poyzer (production manager, director of photography). 

Our Mission and Goals

  • Support our community
  • Advance our clients
  • Empower creatives
  • Make a living for our families
  • Enjoy our work (and do as much of it outdoors as possible)


Behind the scenes on a Catch Des Moines video production shoot.

Client Collaboration

One thing we hear a lot is that we’re very collaborative. Maybe it’s that “Iowa Nice” thing? Whatever it is, we believe in listening first. No egos here.

Tackling challenges with our clients should always be collaborative. The better we understand your needs, the better we’ll be able to address them. And we’ve found that good ideas spark more good ideas.


Drop us a line to introduce yourself. Maybe, at some point, you’ll be just who we need.

We’d love to hear from you. Maybe we can grab coffee sometime.

Freelance Collaboration

Sometimes we all need a hand. Larger productions call for more crew, and we love working with other freelancers and on other productions.

With video production especially, more crew can help a shoot move quickly enough to stay on schedule and on budget while also adding production value. Even Hollywood depends on lots of contractors to handle large tasks.

We’re always looking for freelance videographers, production assistants, location sound experts, voice over talent, animation artists, hair and makeup stylists, set designers, photographers, graphic designers, and more. We all specialize in something, and you never know who has a special talent that perfectly fits a need.

Email us and tell us what you do, how you’re different, and what makes you tick.

Where are we located?

Basecamp is Des Moines, Iowa, but we love a healthy balance of travel.