Broadlawns Medical Center: serving Des Moines for over 100 years.

Since 1916, Broadlawns Medical Center has been expanding its campus and services, and, in more recent years, its brand. With the addition of new wings and citywide best-in-class services, it needed to expand its visual communications.


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  • commercial photography at medical center
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Building a Hospital Stock Photography Library

Sometimes an organization doesn’t know where to start with photography. It only knows that it needs better photos and a lot of them! Selecting a photographer is only the first task. Shot lists need created, models need to be wrangled, and photoshoot schedules need to be ironed out. This can make for a daunting task, especially in the midst of a pandemic, but we’re experienced with these sorts of things and are always happy to help lighten the load.

We started building Broadlawns’ stock photography library in 2019. In 2020, the pandemic created the need for additional photos. Usually quantity and quality don’t mix, but with our efficient team (director, photographer, tethered shooting, and assistants) we’ve been able to make huge gains in building a photo library in just a few years, and Broadlawns is doing a great job of using these images in all sorts of communication formats.

Commercial Photography For Billboards & Advertising

Broadlawns Medical Center has kept a constant rotation of photos on billboards and bus wrap advertisements around the city of Des Moines. Since building a stock image library, it has had a much easier time promoting its hospital’s specialty departments and services.

nurses going over charts

Hospital Staff Headshots

  • commercial photography at medical center
  • medical staff headshot photography
  • hospital headshot photography
  • medical clinic headshot
  • Headshot photo of RN
  • nurse headshot
  • hospital staff photo library
  • surgeon headshot
  • hospital staff headshot
  • hospital staff headshot
  • hospital staff headshot
  • headshot photography for hospital
  • hospital staff headshot
  • hospital staff headshot
  • hospital staff headshot

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