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    Website Copywriting for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Investing in SEO (search engine optimization) is perhaps the quickest and most affordable way to grow your business. Moving from the second page of a Google search to the first can mean millions for some companies.

    The job of a search engine is to refer users to web pages that are most relevant to their search term. The best way to achieve a high search engine ranking is to generate quality content that is centered around keywords.

    First, you need to use a keyword tool to identify the search terms people are using when looking for the products or services your business offers. Then, you need to craft informative content that relates to those keywords. The better the content, the higher the ranking. It can really boost your results if other credible sites are linking to your pages.

    Call to Action

    Getting visitors to your site is only half the battle. Once you bring them in, you want to convert them to buyers. Creative copywriting is one way you can do so. Good copy will get the reader to take action.

    Brand Voice & Personality

    Good brands have a voice. They have the ability to be influencers because they’ve spent the time strategizing and crafting a brand voice that speaks directly to their target demographic, and even their employees.

    A brand voice is more than written content; it’s everything that a brand projects internally and externally. Brands speak through their words, design, photography, video production, etc. These all need to be aligned.

    Having a consistent brand voice will help you build trust with your customers and employees.

    Social Media

    In this day and age, nearly every business can benefit from a social media presence, which allows it to increase its visibility and to communicate with people where they like to spend their time. Posting regularly on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook keeps your customers engaged.

    You can use these platforms to strengthen the identity of your business. People will get a better sense of what you’re all about through the content you write.

    Blog Content

    Blog posts on your website are another great way to keep customers engaged.

    Sing your customers’ praises by writing case studies.

    Van Meter Case Studies
    Portages Series

    Video Scriptwriting and Voice Over

    While we love to get nerdy about things like lighting, audio, and camera settings, we know that most of our clients don’t want to hear about the technical details involved with what we do. They trust our technical ability because they’ve seen evidence of it in the work we’ve produced.

    It’s easy to get caught up in the details. The problem is most of your customers care more about the experience of the product or service you offer. Your video script should make your audience feel something that your product or service provides.

    In these videos, we helped developed voice over scripts that focus on experience. See what we mean?