Video Production & Commercial Photography

The Holt family has a story that needed to be told, and we’re honored they asked us to help them tell it.

Not much has changed since the Holt’s acquired Des Moines Feed Co. in 1944. The fourth generation is as humble and hardworking as the first. They prefer to focus on what they do best—producing quality bird feeds—so they called us to handle their video production needs.

We also produced product photos for their webstore. CEO Chris Beach realized the feed needed to be featured in a way that reflects the company’s high standards. He was extremely happy with the results.

Here’s what Chris had to say about the experience: “Des Moines Feed Co. was looking for a way to communicate their passion to the world. I started looking for the highest quality people first. The product and service came second. After meeting with David Poyzer, I was certain our search was over. The crew was professional and understanding of our situation. I would recommend them to anyone!!!”