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Telling Stories with Photography

People say we have that friendly Midwesterner thing (people here call it “Iowa Nice”), and that’s why they like working with us on editorial photography assignments. We don’t know if that’s really a thing – we’ve met friendly people all over the globe – but we do consider ourselves people-people.

We love adventure. We love to explore. And, most of all, we love people. Storytelling allows us to express our passions creatively and gives us the opportunity to make new friends.

Stories are people, and the people we meet never fail to amaze us.

A female musher who dodged a drunken attacker on the Iditarod trail. A man whose outdoor recreation company was inspired by a waterfall. A career bartender with a spiritual side. A man who started a kaleidoscope factory after being given one following a heart attack.

We get more excited about photographing unknown heroes than celebrities (no offense to the celebrities we’ve worked with ???? ). And we value the time spent with these folks.

Drop us a line. We’re always ready to shed some light on ordinary people doing extraordinary things.


Editorial Video and Writing

We do video too. Our clients love that they can hire us to do both on the same assignment.

Want words? Our copywriters can craft a story to pair with visuals for your magazine or digital publication.

Of course we’re happy to work alongside other professionals, handling whichever role you feel we’re best suited for.


Travel Editorial Photography

Your editorial piece is our next adventure. Whether we’re called to the hoodoos of southern Arizona’s Chiricahua National Monument or a charming northwest Iowa trout stream, we’re always amazed and energized by the people we meet, the beauty we experience, and the stories we get to tell.

  • Landscape editorial photo of Boundary Waters Canoe Area with fog over the water at sunrise.
  • Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness astrophotography landscape with skyglow and stars.
  • Chicago skyline over Lake Michigan at sunset
  • South Haven Michigan lighthouse editorial.
  • Midwestern editorial photo of horse in front of old schoolhouse
  • Tourism Example - Altoona Iowa's National Balloon Classic night glow with hot air balloons.

Extreme Cold Climate Editorial Photography

It doesn’t get much colder than photographing Alaska’s legendary Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, but we embrace the challenge because it is worth the reward. Our lead photographer, Dave Poyzer, has crossed snow-covered lakes to capture the northern lights dancing above black spruce and immortalized the frosty faces of mushers and their dogs emerging from a cloud of snow.

  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0167
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0168
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0031
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0030
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0082
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0004
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-0032
  • 2016-iditarod-0607
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-web-size-0091
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-web-size-0079
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-0031
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-web-size-0132
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-0018
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0040
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0136
  • 2016-iditarod-0838


Outdoor Activity
Editorial Photography

We’re passionate about the great outdoors and love to tell the stories of people who are just as passionate as we are about fly fishing, paddling, and hiking.

  • Des Moines Register newspaper editorial photo of mans hands while fly fishing.
  • Editorial photography with the Des Moines Register shows man fly fishing.
  • Editorial photography newspaper header showing man fly fishing.
  • Editorial story about fly fishing with man showing off his trout.
  • Editorial photography for Des Moines Register Newspaper showing mans box of flies.
  • Editorial photography featuring outdoorsman standing next to stream.