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Elevate Your Story

There’s a story behind every product, and we’ve been asked to tell some amazing stories:

  • A steel fabricator by day, bartender by night who was inspired to start his own fabrication company after a rare blood mutation threatened his life. 
  • Two friends who started a backpacking company around a campfire on a Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness trip.
  • A retired school teacher whose passion for fly fishing led to handcrafting trout nets in his garage.
  • A couple that fights to free girls from slavery and heal scars with scarves.

These stories are the heart of these brands. When you have a story that is so intriguing, so rich, so powerful, you don’t want to devalue it (and your brand) with lackluster images. Instead, you want to elevate your story with lifestyle product photography that connects with your audience.

You and your audience share a passion that can result in a strong relationship. So don’t forget to communicate that passion to your customers. They’ll respond with brand loyalty and act as brand ambassadors by sharing their stories too.

Lifestyle Product Photography

So often businesses get it backwards. They spend more time communicating the technical details and benefits of their product than the experience their product offers. You should aim to sell an experience first, then communicate the benefits and details. 

Technical details like the size and weight of a backpack won’t inspire many thru-hikes. Neither will backpack benefits like a design that provides optimal ventilation. But what if this company led with a photo of a hiker donning their pack on a snow-capped summit hike? Now, they’ve got our attention. Now, they can swoop in and show off the features that will make backpacking easier and more enjoyable.

Here’s a good article that expands on this concept. The article focuses on copywriting, but the same idea applies whether you’re marketing with words, photos, or video. 

  • Man throwing snow with shovel.
  • Lifestyle photo of many pushing snow with shovel.
  • Product photography of snow shovel.
  • Lifestyle product photo of shovel.
  • Furniture lifestyle product photography.
  • Interior design. Lifestyle product photo of table.
  • .Granite gear backpack in use on ground.
  • Granite Gear ultralight backupack
  • Backpack product photography. Pack on back of hiker.
  • Canoe paddle product photography.
  • Canoe paddle product photography.
  • Fly fishing lifestyle product photography. Fishing with flyrod.
  • Fly fishing net product photography. Net on table.
  • Netting a trout out of a stream.
  • Fly fishing net lifestyle product photography. Fish in net.
  • Fly fishing product photography.
  • Fly fishing product photography.
  • Fly fishing product photography.
  • Fly fishing on stream.
  • Flyrod lifestyle product photography.

Product Photography On White

In addition to styled product photos, everyone needs a photo of their product on a white background. Product photos are an essential part of e-commerce or selling anything online. Photographing a couple or a few hundred products can be a tedious task. We want to make that process easy and enjoyable.

You can come hang out with us at our Des Moines photo studio. We’ll make some coffee and set the mood with music while we photograph your product line. You’ll be surprised how fast the day goes when fueled with good coffee, good tunes, and good company. 

We can also bring our studio to you. If you have a large product that’s a pain to move or if it’s just easier to have us come to you, we’re more than happy to do so. 

Product photography scarf sample
Product photography fashion sample
Product photography sample.
Scarf product photo.
Shovel product photo.
Product photography sample.
Shovel product photo.
Product photography medical sample.
Scientific product photo.