Factor Fabrication

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Factor Fabrication is the result of an event ingrained in its wood. It is held together by a story that’s a weld.

At age 29, a rare blood mutation (factor II) threatened Boonie’s life. It also revived it.

When he recovered, he quit his jobs (steel fabricator and bartender) and founded the design and fabrication company with his wife, Bethany.

These days, Factor Fabrication creations are reviving Des Moines.

It’s been a privilege helping Boonie and Bethany tell their story—the soul of a brand that will stand the test of time.

  • factor-fabrication-product-0007
  • steel-salvage-barn-wood-bench-black
  • steel-salvage-barn-wood-bench-silver
  • octagon-steel-marble-coffee-table-pink-2
  • octagon-steel-marble-coffee-table-white-2
  • steel-u-shape-table-legs-powder-coated-black
  • steel-u-shape-table-legs-powder-coated-silver
  • raw-steel-u-shape-table-legs
  • industrial-modern-raw-steel-walnut-wood-z-chair
  • industrial-modern-steel-maple-wood-z-chair-2
  • industrial-modern-steel-maple-wood-z-chair
  • industrial-modern-steel-walnut-wood-z-chair-2
  • industrial-modern-steel-walnut-wood-z-chair
  • prairie-modern-raw-steel-walnut-school-house-chair
  • prairie-modern-steel-maple-school-house-chair
  • walnut-wood-table-top-2
  • maple-table-top-steel-stripe
  • walnut-wood-table-top-steel-stripe
Boonie of Factor Fabrication welding.