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We love manufacturing and industrial.

Putting on hard hats, steel-toes, and hi-vis puts a smile on our faces. It means we’ll be spending the day behind the curtain documenting the processes and products that make our country thrive.

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Manufacturing and Industrial Photography

What do you need?

A photographer can’t tell you what you need without first asking a couple questions. As a marketing company, our first question is always “where do you want to take your business?” followed by “how do you want to get there?” Large corporations often have a mission and vision statement to guide them but not every business has spent time articulating its direction. So when we’re talking about photography, especially brand photos, we like to sit down to get to know you and your business before diving in.

What problem are you solving with photography?

Every business has different pain points. Obviously, photos get used all the time in advertising to grow sales, but sometimes a company’s problem isn’t sales. Sometimes, items are flying off the shelves and you can’t keep up with production. In this situation, a manufacturing company is probably having a hard time recruiting skilled labor. And yes, photography can help! Quality photos of happy employees (your actual-real-employees, not models) tell your prospects you care about quality and your people. This is huge! Everyone wants to work at a company that respects and cares for its employees. When employees feel valued, they’ll take more pride in their work. We’ve seen it!

Build your photo library.

Brands need photos all the time. Website, print materials, advertising; you name it. Far too often, we see great businesses cutting corners (or more likely their advertising agency) by purchasing stock photos. Let’s be honest, everyone knows a stock photo when they see one. There’s no quicker way to communicate “we cut corners” than with fake-looking, staged photos. You don’t want to be that business.

Building your own library of real photos can be a lot quicker and easier than you might think when you have the right photographer.

Give us a ring or drop us a line. We’d love to make new friends and help another business do what they do best.


Manufacturing and Industrial Projects

Manufacturing & Industrial Video Production

What’s your story?

Video is the most interactive, compelling way to tell your story. Let people get to know you, what you do, and what you stand for, and show them why they should care.

American Made

Manufacturing is coming back to the U.S. Why? Because consumers are demanding quality products. So don’t just tell your customers it’s made in America, show them with video.


It’s not always an assembly line, CNC machine, or CAD drawing, it can be handmade too. Watching someone craft a product, with an artistry developed from a lifelong passion, is a pleasure.

The Video Production Process

First thing’s first: you need to define the reason for making a video and decide what you want to show and communicate. Maybe you want to introduce people to your business or showcase a new product. Maybe you need social media content or employee interviews for an HR recruiting video. Once we know the goals we’re working toward, we’ll start the creative process.

Every good video starts with an outline. Sometimes we help create a script from the outline. Sometimes it’s better to go with unscripted interviews to create a more authentic, honest video.

When it comes to capturing video, you’ll need more than just a videographer (if you want it done well). You’ll also need a good producer/director, sound recording engineer and, depending on the scope of the project, a couple grips to help move video lighting and other video gear. We’ll tailor the crew to the production’s needs.

After the video shoot day, we’ll dive into editing. There’s a lot more that goes into video editing than one might think. After we’ve selected music and gone through hours of footage, we’ll create a rough cut for you to review. If any additional video edits are needed, we’ll make those and produce a final cut. But we’re not quite done yet.

We color grade and master the audio before exporting just the right file for your specific use (YouTube, website, TV commercial delivery, etc.).

Contact us to get your video started.