Heavy Industrial Mining Photography

Heavy Industrial & Mining Photography

These heroes go unseen, but we drive on the limestone they supply every day. Hard hats, steel-toe boots, and dark days underground in trucks larger than some homes is just a normal work day in these heavy industrial environments. We love jumping into a truck and traveling hundreds of feet underground to photograph these monstrous caverns and the people excavating their essential commodities. This group of heavy industrial mine workers is a special kind of people. Tough-to-the-bone but constantly caring for one another with safety as their highest priority.

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  • heavy industrial photo of truck driving into mine
  • driving through a limestone mine
  • commercial photography showing miners examining large dump truck
  • heavy industrial photographer shooting photos inside mine
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  • mining photography
  • works inspecting project inside mine
  • large dump truck inside mine
  • Cat inside mine
  • scraping limestone inside mine
  • Heavy industrial photography
large dump truck driving out of mine
heavy industrial photography example
heavy duty loader moving limestone rock inside mine