The Great Outdoors

Outdoor Product, Documentary, and Television

Passion and Production

Photography – Video Production – Writing

Our passion is the outdoors. Our business is media production.
Life goal: mix the two to make a living doing what we love.

Crawling out of a tent to sub-zero temps with hand warmers strapped to a half-frozen LCD screen may not sound like fun to most, but, to us, it’s part of a worthy challenge.

Whether it’s exploration across the globe, conservation in our backyard,
or just a good story, we go where the outdoors takes us.


Let’s get to know each other! We love meeting new people and connecting through outdoor adventure (or nerding out on outdoor gear).

We’re not afraid of eating out of a bag, filtering water, or smelling bad :)


Ryan Borts Canoe There Producer
Ryan never gets tired of paddling his hometown river (The Skunk) and has fond memories of a voyage on the Warnow in Germany. He loves basketball and soccer (played both collegiately) but plays a lot more disc golf these days, relishing wooded layouts with lots of elevation. Hiking, climbing, and caving appeal to the explorer in him.

Ryan studied creative writing at the University of Iowa and has been writing professionally since 2005. Poetry is his favorite art form.

director of photography

Dave Poyzer Canoe There Director of Photography
Dave grew up racing canoes with his dad, and the two paddle the Boundary Waters together nearly every year. He has a collection of vintage cameras and is always looking for an excuse to snap Polaroids and shoot Super 8mm. Dave enjoys the serenity of fly fishing as well as the hostility of hockey, which he plays year-round.

Dave’s also been part of the official media crew for the Iditarod, shooting photos, video, editing, and even manning satellites for both the Iditarod and its media partner, KTVA.

Obligatory “we do outdoor stuff” photos.

  • moon rises behind tent while camping
  • granite-gear-0044
  • Caving Maquoketa Caves State Park
  • documentary-video-production-kansas-0007
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0180
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0170
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0114
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0107
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-web-size-0123
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0111
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0088
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0078
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0056
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0006
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-web-size-0095
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-0009
  • 2016-iditarod-instagram-0015
  • 2016-iditarod-003
  • 2016-iditarod-002
  • 2016-iditarod-0736
  • stuart-tetons
  • maquoketa-caves-state-park-0098
  • maquoketa-caves-state-park-0104
  • maquoketa-caves-state-park-0050
  • mark-twain-national-forest-ozarks-camping-trout-fly-fishing-0004
  • black-hawk-spring-burlington-iowa-0001
  • mark-twain-national-forest-winter-camping-web-size-0019
  • mark-twain-national-forest-winter-camping-web-size-0001
  • 2015-fireflies-lightning-bug-photos-dave-poyzer-0003
  • expeditions-dave-0001
  • BWCA-2014-ely-minnesota-0020
  • Arctic camera operator
  • NE Iowa Fall 2014-portfolio-web-size-0018
  • stone-harbor-0017
  • stone-harbor-0016
  • bending-branches-0017
  • Canoe paddle product photography.
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0096
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0159
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0140
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0134
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0045
  • 2017-iditarod-sled-dog-race-0049