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Jack Stone

Coincidence or sign? I guess it depends what you believe.

I’m convinced Jack’s surname is evidence of a preordained call to the stone harbor of Grand Marais.

Years ago, Jack, an evangelist for the outdoors, was inspired by a spot near Grand Marais, a spot where a waterfall sings to Superior.

“If you’re a church-going person, you don’t have to go to church for months because that is a spiritual experience,” said Jack.

So where is this sanctuary? I’ll let Jack decide who he tells (but you can watch the video below for a glimpse).

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Grand Marais

Grand Marais is a village you would expect to see in New England, not Minnesota. A precious agate situated on Superior’s North Shore between the Canadian border and the Sawtooth Mountains. A postcard in every direction.

Its harbor, formed from natural rock outcroppings, didn’t have a name until Jack came to town. You’ll often see easels and artists standing upon the stone. They’ve become a part of the landscape.

Grand Marais is an escape from the chains of, well, chains. There are a number of great little spots to eat and drink and shop. Jack took us to South of the Border Cafe for a down-home breakfast and Dockside Fish Market for a fish-and-chips lakeside lunch.

Dockside, the last commercial fishing operation in town, serves up its fresh catch daily. The whitefish was a delicious compliment to our view.

Other good spots we’ve been: World’s Best Donuts, Angry Trout Cafe, Voyageur Brewing Company.  

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The Retail Store

As you approach Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply, you’ll see its bear-head logo above the door. If you look closer, you’ll notice that the bear-head design was inspired by the shape of Lake Superior (a tidbit that made us love the logo even more).

When you stop in, be sure to grab a map. After years of exploring Cook County trails, Jack worked with Bismarck Map Company to create the area’s most comprehensive hiking map. Stone Harbor’s outdoor experts can literally point you to adventure on this map.

During my first Grand Marais visit, I stopped at Stone Harbor for a recommendation on hikes in the area. One of the experts answered my question in a way that completely spoke to me: “Do you want to get wet?”

Jack’s shop has just about everything you could need for outdoor fun available for rent or purchase: watercrafts, paddling accessories, fishing gear, camping gear, you name it.

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During our time in the Grand Marais area, we camped at Cascade River State Park in a site where you can see Superior between the birches. The cool May air (49 degrees) was refreshing (it was a humid 90 degrees back home).

The night before the shoot, we went over the game plan with Jack and asked if he had any other last-minute shot ideas. “The sun rising over the East Bay,” he said without hesitation.

We get up before the birds often enough but understand that some people see more value in a good night’s sleep. We were pumped when Jack wanted to meet at 4:30 a.m. to show us the best spot to take in the sunrise.

It was spectacular, especially when the sun was partway over the pines, sending a light-trail across the water to our feet.

After breakfast, we geared up for a little fly fishing and hiked down to Jack’s sanctuary along with James, a Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply guide.

The fish weren’t biting, but it didn’t matter. We were in church.

In the afternoon, we waded the Kadunce River with James. He shared his knowledge and a few favorite holes, including a pool at the base of a waterfall where steelhead pass on their annual run upriver.

Just as James told us “steelhead can swim up waterfalls,” a monster leaped halfway up the 10-foot fall.

I managed to land a 14-inch brook trout, the largest brookie I’ve caught, but really wish I could have gotten a closer look at the steelhead that shook the hook before Dave could net it.

Not only does Stone Harbor offer guided fly fishing trips in the summer, it also provides paddling (canoe, kayak, SUP), hiking, and rock climbing excursions. In the winter, it does ice fishing, ice climbing, snowshoeing and river skiing.

In other words, Stone Harbor supplies adventure, guides adventure, loves adventure. In Jack’s words, Stone Harbor provides its visitors “an experience of a lifetime that they’ll never forget.”



Canoe There’s Dave and Ryan went on tour, not as a band but as storytellers who love the great outdoors. They portaged, if you will, for seven days through Wisconsin and Minnesota and spent time with awesome people. They camped every night, smelled bad, had fun. They returned with a mountain of footage and teamed up with Logan (sound/video editor) to tell these amazing stories.

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