Van Meter Inc.

Industrial & Service Industry
Commercial Photography

Companies like Van Meter don’t exist anymore.

Van Meter values people—customers, employees, and camera crews—in a way that is rare and refreshing.

The company hasn’t sold its soul to outsource customer disservice. It listens to its customers and meets their challenges by developing custom products and services.

Van Meter is 100 percent employee-owned, which means everyone has a stake in its future. That’s why it hires the right people and trusts them to use their talents. It doesn’t believe in micro-damaging employees.

Commercial photoshoot sample image from service counter.

With original direction from Red Dot, we produced photos that articulate what’s most important to Van Meter. It didn’t hire models. It wanted us to capture the character of its people.

It has been a pleasure spending time with such charismatic, good-natured folks—people who hold the door, smile, and say hello; people who strike up a conversation, kid around, and wish you well.

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